Winter in North Idaho

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Winters up here are like no other. Sometime in December, the rain disipates and the colder temps move in. It is a gradual process, really. By the end of Decmeber, the temps have definitely plunged and there is a chill in the air, surely a nice gift from our Northern neighbors, Canada 🙂 Temps fluctuate and some weeks are mild (30′) while otheres are really cold (-2). Oh, and snow abounds! If you don’t like gray days and the sun setting at around 3:30 (December -January (end)) then you might not like it here.

Living up here, though, is pretty cool. We have Mt. Schweitzer – the possbily best-kept hidden gem in the skiing world. Rambling up some windy roads, one finds themselves at a quaint village, benath magestic, looming runs. Peeps travel from all around to ski here. We have it in our back yard. It is so fun going there to cross-country or downhill. Snow shoeing is also popular.

We live in pretty cool place, come Winter.