What is Summer Like in North Idaho?

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Ahhhhh, summer in North Idaho. The lake. Let’s start there. Our family acquired a boat and since that time, during the warm summer months, we practically camp out on the lake. When the breeze is warm and the lake is calling, we pile into the boat, make for some private island on the lake somewhere, and hang out for an afternoon. I mean, who wants to farm, take care of farm animals, clean the house even, over the lake? I seriously love it! In the evenings, Aaron and I might go out together (kids at home) and zoom over to a quaint restaurant and enjoy some good food.

Sandpoint is this small town that once summer hits, people flock to the city beach and camp out, all day. The water is warm enough to swim in and that is the time toursits flock to our town. And guess what – want to stay out later, into the sunset hours – no mosquitos! I kid you not. I haven’t see/heard them yet. The air is warm as the breeze blows in a local wheat or mint field fragrance.

This is the time I grow the garden and my herbs. I love herbs – lavendar, mint, basil, oregano, really most of them. Then, I try and harvest to keep for the winter. Working in the garden, either in the morning or evening hours, is the best time. I can hear birds of various types, as they flit from branch to branch. A random breaking of branches from the woods, tells me a neighbor of deer are watching. Again, the air is warm and clear.

I think the wonderful summers are a reward for the tough winters. Although, I don’t mind the winters too much. Once spring and summer visit, there is a certain relaxing going on amongst the locals – we kick back, visit on decks, make fires at night and chat until crickets beckon us to turn in for the night. It is magical up here in the summer.