Learning in the Country

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Well, let me tell you. Moving from a very busy metropolis from the East Coast, up to the far North of our country is truly a 180 degree pivot. Back where stores, restaurants and all conveniences were accessible within five minutes to pretty much, none of that, actually is not too bad. At first it was. Now, not so much. We are resourceful, grow our own vegetables and fruit, raise our own farm animals, partake in many small-town events and when going to town, ALWAYS see at least one person we know. This is indeed, a small town in America. Fourth of July is still celebrated with a parade down main street, fireworks over the lake at night, small-town bake-offs and farmer’s market, good family values, wonderful Christian people and a town of people who care for each other. Local town halls welcome our state representatives, garage sales abound on Saturday mornings during the summer, fields of various grains dot the farms outside of the city and locals welcome travelers from near and far to the beautiful lake, during the summer months. We moved here to leave the busy big-city life and have not looked back. 

Plainly put, learning in the country means that everyday, we learn how to live in North Idaho, on a small farm. The kids do their school work while also learning about a small-farm life. Daily there is something to learn – heating a chicken coop, feeding livestock, planting a garden, knowing the soil, waiting for the last frost and then the next one (because the last one is baiting us), plowing a long driveway, helping a neighbor, going without power for five days, owning a generator – a good one!, canning, freezing, and so much more.

I hope you enjoy taking a journey into our part of the country through this blog.

May God richly bless you and your family.

2 comments on “Learning in the Country

  1. Anne Marie! I can’t believe what you and your family have been up to in these past few years. I had so much fun looking at your blog and seeing the ways you’ve turned into a country, farm family. This is something I have daydreamed about in the past myself (I’m sure it is a LOT more work than I ever dream about 😉 ), but to see that you and your family didn’t just dream about it but actually made it happen is so wonderful to see. I will be following your blog and look forward to reading about your continued adventures.
    God bless you all! Say hi to Hayden for me,

    • Hi Sarah – so nice to hear from you and Hayden says “hi”. I hope you are well. Yes, we are here in the country and each day is so unique but adventurous! We hope you are well! God’s blessings to you and your family!

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