Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Today, Eli and I made chocolate chip cookies. It is always nice using fresh eggs from our chickens:


Eli was a good helper and did the mixing:


Here’s a close-up of the cookie dough as it was mixed, after adding the brown sugar, sugar and butter.


It seemed like a really good day to make cookies – blustery outside, with many leaves making their final fall from the trees. Alas, nearly all the leaves are on the ground. While walking outside, Eli and I could feel “snow” in the air. I seriously doubt we will get snow within the next two weeks but we might by the middle of November.  Oh, right, back to the cookies…here is our final product:


So, grab a glass of milk and enjoy a cookie with us! 🙂 


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2 comments on “Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I like your blog!

    • Thank You! You are the first person to respond! Just starting on it and writing and taking pictures around here. 🙂

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