Gestation Period of Goats

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So, we took our female goats (Nibbles and Buttercup) to a farm, North of us. We know the lady who is currently housing a male goat. She invited us to drop our females by because she is renting a male goat for about a month, so her females can also breed. Once our females have mated, it will be a five-six month gestational period before the babies are born. For us, up North here, timing is key for when our baby goats are born. We don’t want them born in the frigid, below-zero temps, like we are having now. So, we have timed it to coincide with spring, when the temps are warmer. One of our females had her babies outside the chicken house last year, right on the hard ground. It happened so fast and all of us got up during the night to see if all was well, that really, there was no way we could have made the birthing experience warmer, more comfortable, etc. ¬†Nigerians, of all the goat breeds, are probably the most independent on having babies (don’t need our assistance) and Nibbles, our female, proved this point. She had her babies all on her own.

So, this spring, we are hoping the same happens with both our females. While driving back home, Aaron told me that Greta, our friend, said that sometimes, Jacob (male goat) has bred with females and the females have had four goats at once! Whoa! This means we will have to build out on our existing goat shed to house all the goats.

Did I ever think I would be into goat breeding? Well, let me answer this questions with a question- did I ever think I would own goats? Nope. But, now we have five and very well, by spring time (June-ish) could have upwards of 9-11 goats, all together. They are good grazers and we will put them in our side field. I definitely plan on milking the females and making soap and cheese. This has been a HUGE goal of mine. I will write more as we go through this process. ¬†For now, I’m praying that the females become pregnant and we have healthy goats come springtime.

Nibbles is right behind Sophie (the dog) and Buttercup is the goat walking up, in the distance.

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