Today, Hayden is 14!!!

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Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it! Truly, I cannot. Hayden is 14 today. Last night we talked about the day he was born and all our kids, actually, ask about the day they were born. Hayden listened, as he does, quietly, and asked lots of questions. He laughed hearing about his birth day. Now, 14 years later, on a very frigid, chilly day, he turns 14. Last I checked, the thermometer said 1.4 degrees – brrrrr. Hayden has grown into such a quiet, thoughtful person – he is a thinker. He analyzes, studies, asks questions AND has the best sense of humor. His humor is rather sarcastic and makes one think when he jokes. I LOVE his sense of humor. He is growing tall – taller than me, now. This too, is hard to believe. He is the best big brother to Caleb and Eli. He is studying Architecture and someday, wants to be an Architect. So, he is working on various programs in rendering shapes – blender and sketchpad. He makes the most wonderful comics. AND, this semester, will teach a card trick class at our homeschool Co-op. So much growing up. It is neat to see him change through the years. So, Happy Birthday, Hayden!!! We Love You!

Hayden being a cool bro Christmas, 2015

Hayden a top of podium getting 1st place at swim meet

Hayden with his younger brothers


We are so proud of how much you have accomplished in swimming! Happy Birthday blessings to you, Hayden!!!

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