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Getting Through the Winter (and other thoughts)

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What a winter! Up here, in the North, we have had everything one can think of in terms of weather – snow (SO much of it), rain, wind, flooding – everything except an earthquake and tornado, really. We still have snow and thankfully, it is melting. A nearby river flooded one of the main streets out to our house and ran down the road. Eli (out youngest) thought it was cool but I nervously watched as it, with a strong current, swept down one half of the road. The animals have faired ok, although, we lost one of our goats. Goats are very prone to bloat and a grain sack was left in their house and he must have jumped the fence and gorged himself on grain. Not good. So, in the morning, he was just laying down, in the evening, he was gone. Sad. We still go on and are hopeful our two female goats will have babies (after being bred three months ago)

Spring time is always welcome up here. Birds slowly start coming out and their voices are such a soothing sound. I will stand still and just listen to them. To me, their songs mean spring is here and winter’s tight grip is slowly releasing. Winter didn’t want to let go this year but I am thankful for seasonal changes and God’s Plan to bring the seasons each year. ¬†Over the course of the last week, each day, more and more birds have appeared around our house – robins, primarily, flying from tree to tree, showing that they are back for the season. The Vernal Equinox which now puts South America (those places below the Equator) at the start of fall, puts us up north here, at the start of spring.

A cautious deer beyond our goat enclosure

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