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It is Never Dull on the Farm!

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So, tonight, our transformer blew. This is a very important part of our electrical system and without it, we have no electricity. Apparently, these things last about 30 years and then, poof, just blow. Earlier this year, in the summer, one of our underground cabels stopped working and out Northern Lights came, with their high-powered diggers, spending upwards of five hours to replaced a bad cable. Tonight, they spent about three hours replacing a huge, 500lb electrical box.  Here is the excitement:

ok, so, we have electricity back. Thankfully. Just in time for an *approaching* HUGE snow storm!

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Cows That Don’t Want to Move

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So, we get our chicken feed and hay from a farm, nearby. Today, while driving the fairly long driveway to pick up our farm supplies, the cows, that inhabit the fields around the farm, were standing in the middle of the road. They are NOT in a hurry to move. It is funny because they look at us like we are from a different planet. All the while, they take their sweet time moving. I caught a video of it and a close-up picture of a friendly cow…just more of what our life is like, out here in the North Idaho country.

picture of curious, friendly cow:

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Gestation Period of Goats

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So, we took our female goats (Nibbles and Buttercup) to a farm, North of us. We know the lady who is currently housing a male goat. She invited us to drop our females by because she is renting a male goat for about a month, so her females can also breed. Once our females have mated, it will be a five-six month gestational period before the babies are born. For us, up North here, timing is key for when our baby goats are born. We don’t want them born in the frigid, below-zero temps, like we are having now. So, we have timed it to coincide with spring, when the temps are warmer. One of our females had her babies outside the chicken house last year, right on the hard ground. It happened so fast and all of us got up during the night to see if all was well, that really, there was no way we could have made the birthing experience warmer, more comfortable, etc.  Nigerians, of all the goat breeds, are probably the most independent on having babies (don’t need our assistance) and Nibbles, our female, proved this point. She had her babies all on her own.

So, this spring, we are hoping the same happens with both our females. While driving back home, Aaron told me that Greta, our friend, said that sometimes, Jacob (male goat) has bred with females and the females have had four goats at once! Whoa! This means we will have to build out on our existing goat shed to house all the goats.

Did I ever think I would be into goat breeding? Well, let me answer this questions with a question- did I ever think I would own goats? Nope. But, now we have five and very well, by spring time (June-ish) could have upwards of 9-11 goats, all together. They are good grazers and we will put them in our side field. I definitely plan on milking the females and making soap and cheese. This has been a HUGE goal of mine. I will write more as we go through this process.  For now, I’m praying that the females become pregnant and we have healthy goats come springtime.

Nibbles is right behind Sophie (the dog) and Buttercup is the goat walking up, in the distance.

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Girl Goats going to a Farm North, for Breeding

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This morning, we took our two female goats, Buttercup and Nibbles, up North to a farm. It was soooo cold outside! They were fairly complient with getting into the van; the ride up was non-eventful but the kids would comment now and then about one or other of the goats being on their laps. The goats were rather sedate.  Here is a video from it:

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Blowing Snow up at Our Place

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There are fields across the road from us and as we came home from church, we stopped so I could catch a video of this – snow blowing across the fields like there is a blizzard going on. This is NOT typical for us, up here. We have a confluence of snow, wind and drifts. More snow on the way tonight, apparently. Some snow whips up into a tiny tornado.

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Hi Goats – They are Talking to Me and are Happy for Grain!

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A bright and early day at the Norling Farm. The goats are happy and have lots to say! Cross-Country skiing today and many other adventures, I’m sure. In such a good mood because even though it is seven degrees, I can just feel a warm front moving in…warming up to maybe, 20! Or, maybe, 25!

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Counting Eggs and an Unfriendly Chicken

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I’m posting a video of a chicken who DOESN’T want me anywhere near her and her egg-laying duties. Casually strolling into the chicken egg-laying factory, I wished to tell the viewer of our set-up and how the chickens prefer some egg-laying boxes over others. Just as I was saying most are ok with me checking under them, this chicken makes it very plain and clear that she does NOT want me checking under her – watch and see…

You know, normally, chickens are fairly docile. Not her. She wanted to sit on those eggs and she made sure I knew!

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Getting Hay and Feeding the Goats in REALLY COLD WEATHER

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Quick video of my reaction to the cold:

Ok, today is colder than blue blazes and I ain’t going to mince words. It is -3 or -5 and just coming in from outside my insides nearly felt like they would burst. We dragged the hay to the goats – they were hungry and ready for hay, and all the while I wondered what in the world I was doing.

Here are the goats REALLY HAPPY to have hay:

I’m astounded that the goats hang out in this kind of cold. They must have internal heaters chugging along, at all times. They have really grown thick hair, probably for days just like this.

Dragging the hay to the goats:

Goats awaiting their hay:

Finally, into their small barn area:


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Quarktaschen – I’m Thinking of Embarking on this “Outside of the box” Baking Experiment

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Pictures are so helpful:×720-quarktaschen.jpg


Nope, this isn’t the scientific unit or the character from Deep Space Nine. This is a humble, German, folded pastry with a scrumptious filling. As I’ve been reading historical fiction, the one thing that hasn’t been fiction is the food. I’ve learned so much about German food in the book I am reading (The Ice Cutter’s Daughter) that one recipe (out of many) jumped out. Quarktaschen is a smallish-folded pastry filled with Quark (a type of curdled cheese) along with other flavors. Here is the recipe I will be following for Quark: (one can fill these with endless possibilities)

Here is what Quarktaschen looks like: (another link)

And yes, here is the recipe:

4 2/5 ounces low-fat Quark
1 cup wheat flour (type 1050)
4 2/5 ounces RAMA original
1 pinch of salt
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
4 2/5 ounces low-fat Quark
2 4/5 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon orange zest
1 mango
5 9/14 tablespoons coconut flakes
 knead Quark, flour, Rama, salt and powdered sugar with the hook of the Handrührers to make a smooth dough. 30 minutes refrigerate the dough.
 2. for the filling, mix cottage cheese, sugar and orange zest. Peel mango, cut into slices and roll in the grated coconut.
 3. dough on a floured work surface, roll out and cut into 6 squares (10 x 10 cm). On each square about 1 Tablespoon filling and spread the mango it. The corners slightly to the middle of the fold and press.
Quark bags lay on a baking tray with baking paper occupied and in a preheated oven at 200 ° C (fan: 175 ° C) bake for about 30 minutes.
I will post pictures of mine once I bake them! Bon Appetit, or should I say, Genießen Sie Ihre Mahlzeit
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Today, Hayden is 14!!!

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Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it! Truly, I cannot. Hayden is 14 today. Last night we talked about the day he was born and all our kids, actually, ask about the day they were born. Hayden listened, as he does, quietly, and asked lots of questions. He laughed hearing about his birth day. Now, 14 years later, on a very frigid, chilly day, he turns 14. Last I checked, the thermometer said 1.4 degrees – brrrrr. Hayden has grown into such a quiet, thoughtful person – he is a thinker. He analyzes, studies, asks questions AND has the best sense of humor. His humor is rather sarcastic and makes one think when he jokes. I LOVE his sense of humor. He is growing tall – taller than me, now. This too, is hard to believe. He is the best big brother to Caleb and Eli. He is studying Architecture and someday, wants to be an Architect. So, he is working on various programs in rendering shapes – blender and sketchpad. He makes the most wonderful comics. AND, this semester, will teach a card trick class at our homeschool Co-op. So much growing up. It is neat to see him change through the years. So, Happy Birthday, Hayden!!! We Love You!

Hayden being a cool bro Christmas, 2015

Hayden a top of podium getting 1st place at swim meet

Hayden with his younger brothers


We are so proud of how much you have accomplished in swimming! Happy Birthday blessings to you, Hayden!!!

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