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of our home.  We have a very curious and adventurous cat. Custard is his name because he LOVES custard. At one time his name was Custer, as in, General Custer. (I used to work at Mt. Rushmore and Custer fits this cat, due to his adventurous and at times, reckless attitude) So, here was Custer, one morning this week, at his usual place in the kitchen, doing what he loves doing – and that is, drink water out of the fish bowl. I place fresh water for him in the garage and on the floor but he merely sniffs it and walks on, eventually jumping up on the kitchen counter for the “good” stuff. Who knows why he likes the fish water. It is his first place each morning as he runs in from the frigid temps; it is his usual hang-out place at lunch time. At night, he appears from the depths of the house and first thing, jumps up on the counter.  So, I took a picture the other morning, with him drinking from the fish bowl, while one of the fish was staring up at him. Let’s see, if the fish could talk, what would it say? Perhaps, “oh my, what a big cat!” or “is he going to eat me?”  Who really knows. It is the picture I got and I will let you make up the story.


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