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Getting Hay and Feeding the Goats in REALLY COLD WEATHER

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Quick video of my reaction to the cold:

Ok, today is colder than blue blazes and I ain’t going to mince words. It is -3 or -5 and just coming in from outside my insides nearly felt like they would burst. We dragged the hay to the goats – they were hungry and ready for hay, and all the while I wondered what in the world I was doing.

Here are the goats REALLY HAPPY to have hay:

I’m astounded that the goats hang out in this kind of cold. They must have internal heaters chugging along, at all times. They have really grown thick hair, probably for days just like this.

Dragging the hay to the goats:

Goats awaiting their hay:

Finally, into their small barn area:


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Fixing the Chicken Coop Door (and other crazy things we do when it gets REALLY cold out)

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Aaron and Caleb are cutting the bottom off the chicken coop door. Why, you ask, are they doing this? Our temperatures have gotten so cold up here that old chicken water thrown out (goes downhill and freezes) and very hard ground, freezes up under the chicken door. It has been this way since we have lived here. Done with constantly taking the pick-ax to it, Aaron cut the bottom of the door off and now, we can open/close the door, easily. Another piece of wood is fitted on the bottom so cold air doesn’t get in. We think the chickens will be so much warmer.

You can see the opening at the bottom. Our fix was precipitated by the continual snow/ice/freeze going on and all of it getting under the door. The chickens might even enjoy a new way to get in/out.

Here is Eli using the pick-ax we have used to get under the door…only, he is cracking some ice in a water bucket:

Finally, the chickens are roosting in their house. As of today, at around noon, rarely has a chicken come out of their house – warmest today – 10 degrees.

The white Bantam is Elivis and he keeps all the ones you see roosting, in line 🙂


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Sophie and the Goats

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Sophie was out this morning with me as I fed the goats. She is a goat-herding dog and as such, likes to be involved with all aspects of being around the goats when they are outside. When they start baaaa-ing, she starts howling. A very funny thing she does. Anyway, she bounded through the snow (2 feet in some places) and beat me to the fence. Here is the first picture:

The second picture:

The goats have been fairly comfortable with the snow. Primarily, they want to eat food and will lob their bodies through the snow, running over each other, even, to come for some sweet oats (my treat for them ) 🙂

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Goat Escape

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The goats are really determined AND strong. When they purpose to get out of their HUGE goat-fenced area, they usually make it. It happens as I am closing the door – one of the goats puts their horns in between the frame and door and then, push through and power out. They are strong. Once one comes out, it is a goat stampede. Yesterday, Snickers was the first to get out. I managed to keep him at bay…but then, when going back to coral him in, I opened the door and Mr. Tumnus pushed his way out and Nibbles and then, Buttercup. Only Knighthawk was left inside. Well, as Hayden said, “Mom, we can’t leave him in there – he wants to join the party.” So, I let Knighthawk out also.  Here is video of the goats already out and then Hayden and Sophie bringing them back in:


The goats got out and started eating leaves from a maple-like tree. They loved them! They made their way to the old goat house but then came back, being lured by grain. 

Also during that morning was the sunshine! We have not seen the sun for almost three weeks. Just standing in it felt good. 

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